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Welcome To The New You

Aissa J. is a Pastry Cook, Motivational Fitness Coach and Health Mentor. She lives in Texas with her husband and three children. Her passion is helping others step into their own lives and bodies by teaching them how to bury their own limiting beliefs and finding the connections between the mind, body, and soul. Her hobbies include spending time with God, kickboxing, and creating desserts. She enjoys pushing her limits with physical and mental challenges. She also enjoys trying new things and traveling, but her heart lies at home with her husband and children.

Join The Movement

S.E.A.L. Team Membership

S.E.A.L Team Membership is a community designed for those who are ready to take control of their own lives. We learn how to change our ineffective habits that have been stopping us from living the life we have only dreamed of into new, effective ones that create joy and purpose in life. This program is designed for those who are truly committed to finding a new way of living through intention and purpose. We work on personal development, shifting our mindsets, fitness and health, and creating healthy daily habits.


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Get Connected, Stay Focused

My fitness events are the perfect motivational workout to get you back on track! This is a high energy workout where we use movement as a physical visualization to show you what you are capable of doing for yourself with persistence and motivation. I give everyone the energy that works through me by engaging in the workout with you throughout the room. We will work together as a team to motivate each other. Throughout our workout we will break through limiting beliefs, learn to embrace and trust our bodies, and finish together with a strong desire to continue to grow within ourselves.